1. hey, i just wanted to tell you guys, your the best band i've heard this year (and i've heard plenty), when i heard you for the first time it felt like the first time i heard the pixies or Los campesinos (although not comparable).
    if the story you tell about how your band was formed, i really thank you for pursuing you dreams like you did. i hope you keep playing and composing a lot. you have the kind of sound that you know its here to stay. i hope someday i'll be able to see you playing live.

    thank you for your music!

    Benjamin from Chile.

  2. hey.
    love your work!
    really great songs.
    Waiting for LP.
    But... I've been a bad boy, I downloaded your EP.
    Yes, I'm a pirate :) not as handsome as Depp, but still...
    Anyways, I would love to buy your EP, but it's kinda pointless, because I don't use CD's.
    So I think it would be a great idea if you could make a paypal account where anyone could support as generously as they please... :)

    Rudis from Latvia

    p.s. You have to play at Positivus Festival next summer. Google it! I'll put a word for ya'... ;) see in July